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Nautilus-Actions 3.2.0 NEWS

Release date 2012-02-28

Bug fixes:

    - Make labels wrappable in import/export assistants
    - Fix vertical expand in Preferences dialog
    - Fix the build of the Reference Manual
    - Destroy the assistants toplevels when quitting
    - Force GConf I/O provider to be read-only after the migration
    - Release the object whose importation has been cancelled
    - Fix return value of NactApplication::appli_create_windows()
    - Fix micro leak in nact_clipboard_dnd_drag_end()
    - Partially fix #667429 reported by Daniel Mustieles
      Are this strings translatable? (nact-doc)
    - Fix #668181 reported by Vincent Untz
      User documentation and gtk-doc documentation not installed by default
    - Fix #670434 reported by Vincent Untz
      Should check for ice pkgconfig in configure
    - Partially fix #622909 reported by André Klapper
      Migrate from dbus-glib to glib's GDBus
    - Fix na_factory_object_copy(), not trying to copy null data
    - Fix main window destroy process
    - Fix NATokens::execute_action_command() parsing working dir for parameters
    - Fix src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c only expanding candidate items
    - Fix NadpReader, resetting the writability status if import source is read-only
    - Fix NAImporterAsk, resetting dialog pointer when parent exits
    - NactMenubar: no more keep a recursive ref on the selection
    - NABoxed::string_list_from_void(): keep string lists in the same order
    - Check if action is writable when deleting a profile
    - Enable basenames, capabilities, folders, mimetypes and schemes tabs
      if a context is available

API modifications:

    - Bump NAIExporter interface to version 2
    - Bump NAIImporter interface to version 2

Other modifications:

    - Bump minimal required Gtk+ version to 2.20 (Ubuntu 10 LTS)
    - Review the description of the export formats
    - Let import/export assistants pages be scrollable
    - Let the export format be selected in a treeview
    - Let the import mode be selected in a treeview
    - Review NactApplication startup
    - Bump copyright year in all source files
    - src/utils/ defines new '--admin' option
    - Requires gtk-doc 1.16 to build Reference Manual
    - base_window_init() now holds all the build process
    - Set "Relying on runtime detection" as default in "Runtime execution" tab
    - Get rid of GQuark as internal identifier of export format
    - NactMatchList connects to base signals (and acts as a pseudo-interface)
    - na_desktop_environment_detect_running_desktop(): detect XFCE desktop
    - Let the notebook tabs position be modified by the user
    - NactTreeView: open the context menu with keybindings

New interfaces:

    - NAIOptions, NAIOptionsList
    - BaseIUnique, BaseISession
    - Tracker DBus interface is renamed as org.nautilus_actions.DBus.Tracker.Properties1

New functions:

    - na_core_utils_dir_list_perms(), na_core_utils_file_is_loadable()
    - na_export_format_get_pixbuf()
    - na_importer_import_from_list() renamed as na_importer_import_from_uris()
    - na_gtk_utils_search_for_child_widget() renamed as na_gtk_utils_find_widget_by_name()
    - nact_export_format_get_ask_option() renamed as na_exporter_get_ask_option()
    - na_exporter_get_export_format()
    - nact_tree_ieditable_set_items()
    - na_desktop_environment_get_label()
    - base_gtk_utils_table_to_grid()

New and updated translations:

    - cz (Marek ńĆernock√Ĺ)
    - de (Mario Blättermann, Christian Kirbach)
    - es (Daniel Mustieles, Nicol√°s Satragno)
    - fr (Bruno Brouard)
    - ja (Jiro Matsuzawa)
    - nb (Kjartan Maraas)
    - sl (Matej Urbanńćińć)