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Nautilus-Actions 3.2.3 ChangeLog

2013-09-24 Pierre Wieser 

	* NEWS: Updating NEWS before releasing.

	* docs/nact/ Fix the DOC_FIGURES variable,
	prefixing all images with 'figures/' directory name.

2013-09-14 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/core/na-settings.h: Fix configuration filename in the class

	* src/core/na-gtk-utils.c (na_gtk_utils_restore_window_position):
	Provides a default size and position for main window.

2013-09-13 Pierre Wieser 

	* docs/nact/ Fix the DOC_LINGUAS variable.

2013-09-11 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/core/na-gtk-utils.c (na_gtk_utils_restore_window_position):
	Bad hack to try immediately target ideal size and position the first time
	we open the main window.

	Only allow the 'About Nautilus-Actions...' item inside of the
	Nautilus-Actions root menu.

	* src/nact/nact-preferences-editor.c (about_item_set_sensitive): New function.

	* src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c (build_nautilus_menu):
	Only insert the 'About...' item inside of the root Nautilus-Actions menu.

	* src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c (build_nautilus_menu_rec):
	Improve debug message.

	* src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c (build_nautilus_menu):
	Do not try to create a root Nautilus-Actions menu if it will be empty.

	* src/core/na-io-provider.c (na_io_provider_get_io_providers_list):
	- Fix so that the first listed I/O provider has most probability to be
	- Do not reread preferences for write order.

2013-09-10 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/nact/nact-main-toolbar.c:
	* src/nact/nautilus-actions-config-tool.ui:
	Reintroduce fixed toolbars starting with Gtk 3.4.

	* src/plugin-menu/nautilus-actions.c (build_nautilus_menu_rec):
	Iterates through subitems of the source menu as they have not been
	duplucated yet (reported by Christopher Compagnon).

2013-09-07 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/nact/nact-main-toolbar.c (nact_main_toolbar_activate):
	Obsoletes GtkHandleBox starting with Gtk 3.4 - No replacement.

	* src/nact/base-gtk-utils.c (base_gtk_utils_table_to_grid):
	Obsoletes GtkTable starting with Gtk 3.4.

	* src/nact/egg-sm-client-xsmp.c: Obsoletes gdk_threads_enter(), 
	gdk_threads_leave() starting with gdk 3.6.

	* src/nact/base-gtk-utils.c: Remove useless blank lines.

	* src/nact/base-application.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-iface.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-iface2.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-module.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-parse-uris.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-reader.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-virtuals-without-test.c (g_type_init):
	* src/test/test-virtuals.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/na-delete-xmltree.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/na-print-schemas.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/na-set-conf.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/nautilus-actions-new.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/nautilus-actions-print.c (g_type_init):
	* src/utils/nautilus-actions-run.c (g_type_init):
	Obsoletes g_type_init() starting with glib 2.36.

2013-02-22 Pierre Wieser 

	* Allmost all files: Bump copyright year.

	* ChangeLog-2012: New file.

2012-03-28 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/api/na-core-utils.h:
	* src/core/na-core-utils.c (na_core_utils_file_list_perms): New function.

	* src/core/na-settings.c:
	* src/core/na-updater.c (na_updater_new): Improve debug messages.

2012-03-22 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/core/na-io-provider.c (io_providers_list_set_module):
	* src/core/na-updater.c (na_updater_new):
	* src/nact/nact-menubar-file.c (nact_menubar_file_on_update_sensitivities):
	* src/nact/nact-menubar.c (on_base_initialize_window):
	Improve debug messages.

2012-03-20 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/nact/nautilus-actions-config-tool.ui: Fix tooltip typo.

2012-03-12 Pierre Wieser 

	* tools/ Fix stable attribute computing.

	* Post release version bump.