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Nautilus-Actions 3.2.3 is out

We are pleased, happy and proud to announce the latest stable release of Nautilus-Actions!

What is it ?

Nautilus-Actions is a Nautilus extension whose principal function is to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the file manager context menus. These actions may be organized in menus and submenus, exported and shared with other desktop environments.

What is new in this release ?

Nautilus-Actions 3.2.3 is mainly a bugfix release.

Some translations have been updated.

See NEWS and the full ChangeLog (or on the Gnome site) for all details.

We need you !

Yes, you can help Nautilus-Actions.

Since 2.30.0 version, Nautilus-Actions let the user freely choose to display or not the toolbars in the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool.

For now, NACT toolbars only contain items which have a icon, because:

  1. a toolbar item without an icon is a bit sad;
  2. user is free to display or not text besides icons;
  3. do not have an icon for a toolbar button would be incompatible with Gnome HIG.

As I a a very bad icon designer, you can help us by designing some icons for menu items which don't have one yet.

Each new item with an icon means a new item available in its toolbar.

With enough available items, we will add a user preference to let the user exactly choose which item he/she wishes see in its toolbars.

Your work will be of course copyrighted (see About box, Artists tab), but you have to put it under one free licence (CC is the most common for this type of work).

Thanks in advance for all the community users.

Nautilus-Actions 3.2.4 is out

We are pleased, happy and proud to announce the latest stable release of Nautilus-Actions!

What is it ?

Nautilus-Actions is a Nautilus extension whose principal function is to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the file manager context menus. These actions may be organized in menus and submenus, exported and shared with other desktop environments.

What is new in this release ?

Nautilus-Actions 3.2.4 is mainly a bugfix release.

Some translations have been updated.

Nautilus-actions is back !

Hi everybody,

I didn't want see nautilus-actions fall back in the obscurity. As many of you, I use this so practical extension on an every day basis, and I was upset to no more find any upgrade nor maintenance.

Frederic has created this project, led it during many years and really made a great work. I'd wish thanks him for all of that. But time has passed, Frederic has wished reorientate his time differently, and he was searching for a successor for more than one year now.

I so asked Frederic the permission to take back his project. With his agreement, nautilus-actions has now a brand-new project manager.

Nautilus-actions: Future plans part II (conditions)

Following my last blog post about the future plans for Nautilus actions, I would like to share with you once again some of my ideas about the next major 2.x version.

This time, it is about the future conditions that will be available in the options of each actions config. Indeed, as the main benefits of Nautilus actions, towards its concurrent the Nautilus-scripts, is the fact that the actions are displayed only when it's contextually needed, to me it is important that the possibilities to achieve this should be the best possible.
So I plan to add as much options as possible and as long as it makes sense of course, to reach this goal.

Here is the current list of conditions I plan to make available for the next 2.x releases :

Filename pattern (basic and regexp) + case sensitiveness option
It will consist of two options : the basic one which represents the current option available with simple joker (* and ?) and the regexp one which will be used for regular expression matching.
Folder name pattern (basic and regexp) + case sensitiveness option
Same as above, but for matching the folder in which the selected elements are. (eg, if you select /home/foobar/file.txt, it will match the /home/foobar part)
Mime types pattern (basic and regexp)
Same as above but for mime types matching (image/jpeg, video/mpeg, text/plain, etc.)
Element type (folder, file, link, etc...)
This will be a "probably" extended condition based of the current "Appears if selection contains" which will provide more kind of file types like symlinks for example. But I have to see if it make sense or not...
Number of selected elements (1, 2, 3, unlimited) (Bug #325523)
This one is an extended version of "Appears if selection has multiple files or folders" option. It will be useful for actions like "diff" which need exactly 2 files for example.
Schemes of the selected elements (file, sftp, smb, dav, etc...)
No change here, it is the one already available since the beginning.
Content of the selected folders (hold music files, hold a .svn folder, etc.)
This one is about checking the files available in a selected folder. For example, if you want to define a SVN set of actions, you will search for a folder with a .svn folder in it, or if you want to enqueue a full folder of music file, you will search for audio files. This options must be tested to see if it doesn't reduce the performance of Nautilus too much.
Condition script (run a script which return true if conditions are ok) (Bug #330610)
This one is a possibility to set a script/program that would be launched and activate the defined action if it returns TRUE. The performance counterparts have to be tested too.

All these conditions have to be tested to know if they really have an acceptable performance/added value ratio. Now, I would really appreciate if you could give me your thoughts about all this and if you have any awesome ideas which are not in this list to reach the goal given above !

Nautilus Actions : First Year Anniversary and Future !

Exactly one year ago, the 28th of August 2005, I was releasing the first public release of Nautilus-actions, the V0.3, on this site.

Since then, a lots of improvements has been done, mainly thanks to Rodrigo Moya who helped me a lot in the transition to GConf, which improves a lot Nautilus-actions' performance. There was also a lots of works done by the Gnome Translation Project with now 28 languages supported !

The design and usability of Nact has been greatly improved too and now, Nautilus-actions is also compliant with the Tango Project's style, thanks to the nice icons created by Ulisse Perusin.

Finally, the success of Nautilus-actions wouldn't have occured without the help of all its users who spreads the word in the many forums and blogs all over the net, and after seeing a lot of them starting to create full threads dedicated to the possible configurations that can be created with it, I decided to create an official Actions Repository which has so far 40 configs submitted since its creation four months ago !

Now, it is time to think of the future of Nautilus-actions and I will now start the 2.x series which aims is to be even more integrated with the Gnome Desktop and ideally be accepted as a part of it in one of the next main release (2.18 ?). The 2.x releases will probably use the last Gnome features and so will not be compatible with Gnome < 2.16 and GTK+ < 2.10. I will try to keep the configurations as compatible as possible. Anyway, the 1.x series will stay in maintenance mode and some patches could be applied to support a part of the new configurations if necessary.

To come back to the 2.x series new features, here is a non exhaustive list of the things I want to add :

  • Support for submenus in Nautilus. Thanks to the integration of the submenu support in Nautilus 2.16, I will now be able to add the possibility to group actions together in a submenu, to make coherent groups of actions (eg, CVS support) or to avoid bloating the main menu (Bug #325528).
  • Add some options to make the needs for most scripts useless. For example, when you want to run a command once for each selected files, you have to create a script to loop on each files and send them to the command, because Nautilus-actions run the command once with all the selected files as parameter. Now you will be able to choose between the two possibilities (or ideally, Nautilus-actions will be able to guess which one is better depending of the other options you choose). If you have any propositions/suggestions about this, feel free to leave a comment !
  • Creation of a new config in a wizard mode. Now that the wizard/assistant widgets have been integrated in GTK+, I would like to use them to make the configuration creation easier for new users. Maybe a preference settings will give the possibility to choose between wizard mode or normal mode. As I want to add more options, I don't want to fear new users with a too complicated interface, so I think that the wizard mode is a good compromise because it allows to easily add some help in each steps.
  • Possibility to disable any configs without deleting them (Bug #325519). If you have some useful configs that you don't use often, you can disable them to avoid cluttering your menu during the time you don't need them. And it will be useful if more apps add some support for Nautilus-actions because when you install an actions as root, it is not possible to delete it as a normal user.
  • Many other nifty features I didn't have thought about yet...

So now, one more thing I have to find to implement all this... Time ! :oP

If you have any suggestions to make, any features to propose, any great ideas to implement all of this in a clean way, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or to submit a feature request on Bugzilla.

Thanks for your attention and support !

Would you like to see Nautilus-actions included in Gnome 2.18 ?

Yes, it would be great !
94% (64 votes)
No, there is no reason to do this.
1% (1 vote)
Don't mind...
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 68

Nautilus-actions : Tango style icons !

Recently, I was working on implementing the GnomeGoals#2.1 to make Nautilus-actions install theme-friendly icons.

And a few days later, I was receiving a proposition from Ulisse Perusin, to replace my old Gimp-hacked icon :

with a new set of Tango style icons :


The Tango project aims at creating a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software, and I'm proud to annouce that Nautilus-actions is now compliant with it !

Kudos to Ulisse for this great piece of artwork !

Nautilus Actions : Share your actions !

Finally, I found the time to implement this long waiting feature. From now, you can publish on this site your favorites actions so that everybody can take advantage of it !

To do so, you have two possibilities :

  • Post your new action anonymously and easily but once added, you will never be able to edit it anymore.
  • Or create a new account on this site, and then you will be able to add/modify/delete your own submited actions by following the same link as above

For the moment, I've decided to let the anonymous post being directly published on this site without moderation, but in case of abuse, I will be forced to let them being moderated first. Feel free to contact me[1] if you published a bad/incomplete action by error so I can quickly fixed it.

Meanwhile, you can check out the already available actions.

Nautilus-actions : A series of examples of actions on Ubuntu forum

I've just found a Howto posted quite a long time ago by Killerkiwi on which proposed a lots of example of use of Nautilus-actions.

Here is a non exhaustive list of actions proposed :

  • Send Attachment Email via Thunderbird
  • Search for files
  • Play in Beep Media Player
  • Open Root Terminal
  • Send to Email
  • Open In Konqueror
  • Install Deb
  • ...

You can find this link and all the other articles about Nautilus-actions in the External Resources page.

And thanks to all these ubuntu users for supporting Nautilus-actions :)