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Nact Layout (stage 2) : Which layout proposition would you like to see implemented ?

Notebook layout with two tabs
80% (4 votes)
Notebook layout with three tabs
20% (1 vote)
I still prefer the proposition with the advanced settings button
0% (0 votes)
Still don't mind
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 5

Wizard style

Just another idea:

What about a wizard to create new configs?
Usually if I create configs I need to check ALL settings, so a solution where all settings are displayed one after another seems best to me.

Re: Wizard style

Yes it can be an good idea but I have to check in the HIG when a wizard is required. It should probably be reserved to more complex task.... ?!

I was thinking more of a wizard for the import/export dialog but I didn't make it because the wizard API seems not to be in the official GTK bindings but in the experimental one (libegg) or in libgnome but I prefer using only GTK+ for the moment. But with project Ridley, this could change...

Anyway, thanks for the idea :)