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Nautilus-actions : A series of examples of actions on Ubuntu forum

I've just found a Howto posted quite a long time ago by Killerkiwi on which proposed a lots of example of use of Nautilus-actions.

Here is a non exhaustive list of actions proposed :

  • Send Attachment Email via Thunderbird
  • Search for files
  • Play in Beep Media Player
  • Open Root Terminal
  • Send to Email
  • Open In Konqueror
  • Install Deb
  • ...

You can find this link and all the other articles about Nautilus-actions in the External Resources page.

And thanks to all these ubuntu users for supporting Nautilus-actions :)


This would lend itself well to a TortoiseCVS/SVN port, which is simply the coolest way to use CVS or SVN on Windows!

Re: Turtle-like

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with this comment !?

I don't know TortoiseCVS, but If I understand well it adds some options in the file manager on the Windows version but not in the Linux one, isn't it ?

If this is the case, it simply has to release some Nautilus-actions config files along side with its package to make the same thing happen on Linux with n-a as a dependency.


with this very good extension of nautilus, it seems I can't set conditions with files permissions ?
For example, I want to suggest "change owner" action when the file owner is not me. (It will ask for owner password, or sudo or root, this is not the problem)
I just trayed nautilus-actions package from ubuntu-dapper, it works very well, anyway ;)
But what about more conditions features ?
Maybe... if we can put a condition-script which return True or False. And the action will be show only when condition-script return True ?

Sorry sorry for my bad bad english :((

thanks a lot lot for your job ;))

Keep Up the good work

Nice work :)

Hope this makes it to gnome proper, will be a nice addition.