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Nautilus Actions : New release available (V1.0)

Finally, the 1.0 version of Nautilus-actions is out !

This version integrate the new layout of Nact for which some of you have voted here on this site.
The Gnome translation team has done a great job since now Nautilus-actions is translated in more than twenty languages. Thanks very much to all these folks !

You can checkout the full list of changes here.

The new release can be found in the Download section. The packages for the different supported distributions will be made available as soon as their respective packagers will send me their updates, so stay tuned !

As usual, don't hesitate to fill a bug/feature report here if you have any suggestion to make.

Please, note that now Nautilus-actions bug tracker has move into Gnome bugzilla. All the previously reported bugs still opened have been transfered into it.