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Nautilus Actions : Share your actions !

Finally, I found the time to implement this long waiting feature. From now, you can publish on this site your favorites actions so that everybody can take advantage of it !

To do so, you have two possibilities :

  • Post your new action anonymously and easily but once added, you will never be able to edit it anymore.
  • Or create a new account on this site, and then you will be able to add/modify/delete your own submited actions by following the same link as above

For the moment, I've decided to let the anonymous post being directly published on this site without moderation, but in case of abuse, I will be forced to let them being moderated first. Feel free to contact me[1] if you published a bad/incomplete action by error so I can quickly fixed it.

Meanwhile, you can check out the already available actions.

To publish, your action, you need at least Nautilus-actions V0.99. And you will need a configuration file of your action, that you can easily get through the Nact interface (the gui config tool). Open Nact, click the "Import/Export" button, select the "Export existing configs" option and select the config you want to export in the list. Then, choose a folder where you want to store your configuration file and click "OK". It will generate a file which name begin with "config_" followed by a series of numbers. Rename it with a more appropriate name and submit it on the site. You can also submit a little additional script if needed but it should not be more than 50Kb in size.

Don't forget to also check out the Resources page for other examples of actions.

Hope you will be numerous to share your actions !

[1] grumz _AT_ grumz _DOT_ net



Is there a way to "import" schemas into Nautilus Actions from the command line? I am developing a script, which main purpose is to work well with NA and would like to know, what can I add to make "make install" import schemas too.

And the other thing:
Is there a way to provide i18n and l10n to such schemas? Possibly using gettext or sth?

Re: commandline

The proper way to install a Gconf schemas description file in a autotoolized project is like in this file from one of my previous version of n-a.

Another way, is to use the following command :

gconftool-2 --install-schema-file=your_schemas_file.schemas

But be carefull, it will not be removable from Nact once installed, you will need to remove it using the following commands with the same user as the one who ran the first command (see Bug #325585):

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /path/your/schemas/in/gconf
gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /path/your/keys/in/gconf

For the translation part, let's read this great guide about Internationalising GNOME applications and particularly the part dealing with Gconf schemas description files

Hope it will help !

Feel free to ask if you have any more trouble :)