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Print Openoffice.org2 Document

Print the selected openoffice document incliuding *.doc ; *.xls ; *.ppt ; *.odt ; *.ods ; *.odp ; *.odg ; *.sxw ; *.pps

Can anybody help me!? This

Can anybody help me!?

This nautilus-action script is not executeable by right klick to print with mouse.

Re: Can anybody help me!?

I'm not sure I've understood your problem, please correct me if I'm wrong, but if you tried to use this file as a "classic" nautilus scripts , it will not work. You need to get the software Nautilus-actions to make it works. This repository is only dedicated to actions/config for this software.

One more thing, to make this specific option/action works you need of course OO.o.

If I'm wrong, please, post more details about your problem so I can help you.

print on ubuntu gutsy

This script doesnt do anythingon my ubuntu gutsy with OO 2.3.
maybe because it doesent work with OO2.3?
my shell doesent know this komand either.
do you have any sugestions?
thanx metamart

print on ubuntu gutsy

Path should be "soffice" to work.