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Nautilus Actions : New release available (V1.2)

The fresh new 1.2 version of Nautilus-actions is out !

This version integrate the long waited mimetypes filtering and you can now choose the case sensitiveness of your file patterns. The Gnome translation team has done a lot of work to improve the translations and some new languages has been added.

You can checkout the full list of changes here.

The new release can be found in the Download section. The packages for the different supported distributions will be made available as soon as their respective packagers will send me their updates, so stay tuned !

As usual, feel free to fill a bug/feature report here if you have any suggestion to make.


Happy to see a new version out (and with my icons on board :)
Now it's time so start working on the next version to implement all the new features mentioned on bugzilla! ;)

Thank you again for this time-saver, Grumz.