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Send file by mail with Thunderbird

Problem with cyrillic filenames - most likely Thunderbird

Tried with cyrillic filenames - Thunderbird shows crap instead of a real filename in an attachment pane. Looks like a problem will persist with any multibyte-character filename. It's ok when filename contain only english characters, but for any other - this 'action' is useless

Re: Problem with cyrillic filenames - most likely Thunderbird

Hi Alex,

Here are some advices to try to fix this problem. First, try to replace the parameters of this action from :

-compose "attachment=%u"

to :

-compose "attachment=%M"

If it still doesn't work, try to see if the problem comes from thunderbird by running in a command line terminal the following command :

thunderbird -compose "attachment=/path/to/your/file_in_cyrillic"

If it still displays crap, it means the bug is very likely in thunderbird.

Thanks for your feedback,


works just fine

change the pic
and then the path to mozilla-thunderbird
and everything works just beautifully
(although it would be nicer to integrate this thing into the "Send to Evolution" Box, so that you are able to choose which program you want to send this file to. If anyone figures it out, tell me...)

...Does work on after about 10 sec. of mods...

change the name of the executable, change the location of the icon...

icon - usr/share/mozilla-thunderbird/icon

path - mozilla-thunderbird (keep switches the same)

bobs your uncle, shielas' you aunt... works well...

Using mailto:

gnome-open mailto:name@location.realm?subject="the subject"\&body="this is some content"\&attach=/path/to/file

seems to work on the commandline, w/ evolution as the handler.
I suppose it would serve for use in an appliation-agnostic action; no?

Using nautilus-sendto

Another implementation option would be to write this as a nautilus-sendto-plugin, instead. (

How to set it up to open the default mail client?

As we know gnome offers a "preferred applications" feature. I was just wondering how to modify the Send to (Thinderbird) action to open the default mail client set in the preferred applications section. There must be some kind of a variable or something, because other apps know what the default mail-client is, don't they? So why not tell Send to (Thinderbird) to look for the default mail client? Do you know how to do it?

Re: How to set it up to open the default mail client?

The information is stored in GConf in the following key :


The problem is that it doesn't integrate the argument to add an attachement, but only the sender. And as the argument changes between the different mail app, it is difficult to make a generic action for this without changing the behaviour of the "Preferred Default App" tool, at least AFAIK.

I've just installed the

I've just installed the newest beta version of xfce. It features a file manager called Thunar, which has a well implemented "send-to" option in its right-click menu. The interesting thing is that it uses the default mail client, and it works great with Thunderbird: you can send not only a single file, but also multiple files, with or without zipping them! So, if Thunar can do that, Nautilus should all the more be able of doing that, don't you think?

Wouldn't it be a good idea for Nautilus-actions developers to contact the author of Thunar and share experience in this regard? ;)))

I meant "capable of doing

I meant "capable of doing that" ;) Sorry for the mistake :)

Works with Dapper just fine

Works with Dapper just fine after changing to mozilla-thundebird.

works perfectly on

works perfectly on archlinux.
doesn't matter whether thunderbird is running or not

it does work... sort of


So I have changed the file to reflect the new name of Thunderbird and it works....only if Thunderibrd was not running already :(

And also it doesn't support multiple selection of files

I am new to it but I will try to modify it further

doesn't work on...

dapper with thunderbird 1.5.

At first: the name of the executable is now mozilla-thunderbird.

And even when nautilus-actions load mozilla-thunderbird, the file isn't attached...