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Nautilus Actions : New release available (V1.4)

Nautilus-actions version 1.4 is out !

This is a major bug fix release. The most important one concerns a patch created for Nautilus to support a menu cache update feature for its extensions. As you probably noticed with the previous version of Nautilus-actions, there are some case where the actions are not available right after you edit them with Nact. Now if you have this patch applied (will be available upstream in Nautilus 2.16), you will not have to restart Nautilus or your Gnome session to be able to use your new actions.

Another important change concerns a better error handling of mainly the import/export features. Now an error dialog will be displayed to explain why some config file can't be imported or exported, etc.

The full list of changes is available here.

The new release can be found in the Download section. All the packagers are working hard to deliver Nautilus-actions on the different supported distributions and those still missing will be made available very soon !

If you need to fill a bug/feature report, please follow this link.

And don't forget to submit your favourites actions on the official repository or get any of those already available !



nautilus-actions on ubuntu

I installed the 1.4 and the 1.2 but both doesn't work on edgy/feisty :(