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Nautilus Actions : First Year Anniversary and Future !

Exactly one year ago, the 28th of August 2005, I was releasing the first public release of Nautilus-actions, the V0.3, on this site.

Since then, a lots of improvements has been done, mainly thanks to Rodrigo Moya who helped me a lot in the transition to GConf, which improves a lot Nautilus-actions' performance. There was also a lots of works done by the Gnome Translation Project with now 28 languages supported !

The design and usability of Nact has been greatly improved too and now, Nautilus-actions is also compliant with the Tango Project's style, thanks to the nice icons created by Ulisse Perusin.

Finally, the success of Nautilus-actions wouldn't have occured without the help of all its users who spreads the word in the many forums and blogs all over the net, and after seeing a lot of them starting to create full threads dedicated to the possible configurations that can be created with it, I decided to create an official Actions Repository which has so far 40 configs submitted since its creation four months ago !

Now, it is time to think of the future of Nautilus-actions and I will now start the 2.x series which aims is to be even more integrated with the Gnome Desktop and ideally be accepted as a part of it in one of the next main release (2.18 ?). The 2.x releases will probably use the last Gnome features and so will not be compatible with Gnome < 2.16 and GTK+ < 2.10. I will try to keep the configurations as compatible as possible. Anyway, the 1.x series will stay in maintenance mode and some patches could be applied to support a part of the new configurations if necessary.

To come back to the 2.x series new features, here is a non exhaustive list of the things I want to add :

  • Support for submenus in Nautilus. Thanks to the integration of the submenu support in Nautilus 2.16, I will now be able to add the possibility to group actions together in a submenu, to make coherent groups of actions (eg, CVS support) or to avoid bloating the main menu (Bug #325528).
  • Add some options to make the needs for most scripts useless. For example, when you want to run a command once for each selected files, you have to create a script to loop on each files and send them to the command, because Nautilus-actions run the command once with all the selected files as parameter. Now you will be able to choose between the two possibilities (or ideally, Nautilus-actions will be able to guess which one is better depending of the other options you choose). If you have any propositions/suggestions about this, feel free to leave a comment !
  • Creation of a new config in a wizard mode. Now that the wizard/assistant widgets have been integrated in GTK+, I would like to use them to make the configuration creation easier for new users. Maybe a preference settings will give the possibility to choose between wizard mode or normal mode. As I want to add more options, I don't want to fear new users with a too complicated interface, so I think that the wizard mode is a good compromise because it allows to easily add some help in each steps.
  • Possibility to disable any configs without deleting them (Bug #325519). If you have some useful configs that you don't use often, you can disable them to avoid cluttering your menu during the time you don't need them. And it will be useful if more apps add some support for Nautilus-actions because when you install an actions as root, it is not possible to delete it as a normal user.
  • Many other nifty features I didn't have thought about yet...

So now, one more thing I have to find to implement all this... Time ! :oP

If you have any suggestions to make, any features to propose, any great ideas to implement all of this in a clean way, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or to submit a feature request on Bugzilla.

Thanks for your attention and support !

Grouping actions into

Grouping actions into Submenu would be nice...

For example:

Subversion --> Update

me too


Default Scripts

Some useful default scripts would be nice... although i can see that most actions end up being distro/package specific

make some useful scripts part of nautilus-actions


I have just discovered nautilus actions. nice work :). Perhapts you can ship a future nautilus-actions release with some useful scripts and add a checkbox for each line in the config manager to activate the script.

I'm happy to see all that

I'm happy to see all that new effort in your project, I hope to see soon a 2.x version ;)
Hang in there!