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Nautilus-actions: Future plans part II (conditions)

Following my last blog post about the future plans for Nautilus actions, I would like to share with you once again some of my ideas about the next major 2.x version.

This time, it is about the future conditions that will be available in the options of each actions config. Indeed, as the main benefits of Nautilus actions, towards its concurrent the Nautilus-scripts, is the fact that the actions are displayed only when it's contextually needed, to me it is important that the possibilities to achieve this should be the best possible.
So I plan to add as much options as possible and as long as it makes sense of course, to reach this goal.

Here is the current list of conditions I plan to make available for the next 2.x releases :

Filename pattern (basic and regexp) + case sensitiveness option
It will consist of two options : the basic one which represents the current option available with simple joker (* and ?) and the regexp one which will be used for regular expression matching.
Folder name pattern (basic and regexp) + case sensitiveness option
Same as above, but for matching the folder in which the selected elements are. (eg, if you select /home/foobar/file.txt, it will match the /home/foobar part)
Mime types pattern (basic and regexp)
Same as above but for mime types matching (image/jpeg, video/mpeg, text/plain, etc.)
Element type (folder, file, link, etc...)
This will be a "probably" extended condition based of the current "Appears if selection contains" which will provide more kind of file types like symlinks for example. But I have to see if it make sense or not...
Number of selected elements (1, 2, 3, unlimited) (Bug #325523)
This one is an extended version of "Appears if selection has multiple files or folders" option. It will be useful for actions like "diff" which need exactly 2 files for example.
Schemes of the selected elements (file, sftp, smb, dav, etc...)
No change here, it is the one already available since the beginning.
Content of the selected folders (hold music files, hold a .svn folder, etc.)
This one is about checking the files available in a selected folder. For example, if you want to define a SVN set of actions, you will search for a folder with a .svn folder in it, or if you want to enqueue a full folder of music file, you will search for audio files. This options must be tested to see if it doesn't reduce the performance of Nautilus too much.
Condition script (run a script which return true if conditions are ok) (Bug #330610)
This one is a possibility to set a script/program that would be launched and activate the defined action if it returns TRUE. The performance counterparts have to be tested too.

All these conditions have to be tested to know if they really have an acceptable performance/added value ratio. Now, I would really appreciate if you could give me your thoughts about all this and if you have any awesome ideas which are not in this list to reach the goal given above !

keyboard shortcuts

It would be great to be able to use keyboard shortcuts for often used scripts.

Re: keyboard shortcuts

This is a great idea, but we need to check if Nautilus allows its extensions to do this.

Anyway, a feature request has been submitted here.

Thanks !

Inclusion in gnome 2.20

Will nautilus-actions be included in gnome 2.20?

Re: Inclusion in gnome 2.20

Sorry, but I'm afraid not. Unfortunately, I don't have any time to put on Nautilus-Actions at the moment to make the change needed for it to be included.

But if anyone is motivated, feel free to contact me and/or submit patches ;o)

The main thing to do, IIRC, is to make the support for submenus to avoid cluttering the Nautilus menu (see the current discussion about it on Bug #325528).


One excellent idea would be to support actions that work on a file or folder as a drop target when using the middle button to drag and drop files/folders from nautilus.

This way, you can implement things like "Extract to Here..." to extract a tgz file into an existing folder etc..

Re: Suggestion

Indeed, it could be a great idea... Just have to check if nautilus allows extensions to do this...

Thanks for the suggestion :)

Nautilus action for sending files via Thunderbird (email)

Hi, my apologies if this is an inappropriate place to ask this question but I have searched for what seems like aeons.

I recently decided to change my email client and begin using Thunderbird, and much to my dismay found that this did not provide an option in the nautilus send to dialogue.

I have searched the Ubuntu forums and Gnome support and eventually found nautilus actions which I think is really cool by the way.

I have set up my action, which is working fine. However it will not enable me to send multiple attachements. I have the "Appears if selection has multiple files or folders", checked.

Any suggestions?

nautilus-actions 1.2-2build1, nautilus2.16.1-0ubuntu3, ubunut 6.10 (Edgy).


Re: Nautilus action for sending files via Thunderbird (email)

Hi Dave,

did you check out the actions list submited by third party users here.

I'm not sure it did what you want, but there is an action for sending files throught Thunderbird available in the list. And there is lots of users' feedback to solve some common problem with this action.

Let's have a look at it and tell me if it still doesn't solve your problem, I will then try to find another solution for you.

Thanks for your feedback,