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Mount and Unmount ISO-Image with fuseiso

With this action you can mount ISO-images to your Desktop. It will create an folder in ~/Desktop with the name of the iso. fuseiso will mount the iso to this folder. The second action will umount the mounted iso and remove the folder from the desktop

Hi Guys I was having this

Hi Guys

I was having this problem to of opening the empty folder, then found a thread that recommended the following command:

sudo usermod -Gfuse `whoami`

Then log out and log back in.

It works then.

If you try and run fuseiso by itself and get it to create the mount etc, you will receive a permissions error to /dev/fuse.

sudo usermod -Gfuse `whoami`

fixes this - remember to log out then back in for your updated permissions.



Re: Hi Guys I was having this

Thanks for the tips, roddles ! :)

It doesnt work with Ubuntu

It doesnt work with Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 and Gnome 2.20. Problem: The mounted folder is empty!

Re: It doesnt work with Ubuntu

Did you install fuse and fuseiso before using this action ?

Yup, same issue here.

Yup, same issue here. Fuseiso mounts a correctly named directory on the desktop with no contents...

Add gnome-open

gnome-open "$MOUNTPOINT"
at the end of and nautilus open with mounted folder


Nice script!

Love fuseiso too ;) Now, is there a way to change the icon of the folder created? That would be cool.