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Nautilus-actions is back !

Hi everybody,

I didn't want see nautilus-actions fall back in the obscurity. As many of you, I use this so practical extension on an every day basis, and I was upset to no more find any upgrade nor maintenance.

Frederic has created this project, led it during many years and really made a great work. I'd wish thanks him for all of that. But time has passed, Frederic has wished reorientate his time differently, and he was searching for a successor for more than one year now.

I so asked Frederic the permission to take back his project. With his agreement, nautilus-actions has now a brand-new project manager.

I'm very proud of this new rule in the open-source communauty.

In the next weeks or so, and with your help, I hope we will be able to release a new "official" version which will at least include the patches currently waiting in Bugzilla.

Other tasks I plan to open are documentation, a new website, maybe with its own dedicated domain.

For now, I already propose to everyone who would be interested to subscribe to a dedicated list by going to

Your comments and feedback, now and in the future, will be greatly appreciated as they were in the past.