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We need you !

Yes, you can help Nautilus-Actions.

Since 2.30.0 version, Nautilus-Actions let the user freely choose to display or not the toolbars in the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool.

For now, NACT toolbars only contain items which have a icon, because:

  1. a toolbar item without an icon is a bit sad;
  2. user is free to display or not text besides icons;
  3. do not have an icon for a toolbar button would be incompatible with Gnome HIG.

As I a a very bad icon designer, you can help us by designing some icons for menu items which don't have one yet.

Each new item with an icon means a new item available in its toolbar.

With enough available items, we will add a user preference to let the user exactly choose which item he/she wishes see in its toolbars.

Your work will be of course copyrighted (see About box, Artists tab), but you have to put it under one free licence (CC is the most common for this type of work).

Thanks in advance for all the community users.