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Nautilus-Actions 2.30.1 ChangeLog

2009-04-09 Pierre Wieser 

	* NEWS: Updated.

	* src/nact/nact-sort-buttons.c (set_new_sort_order):
	Do not rewrite in GConf a just-readen sort order.

	* src/io-gconf/nagp-writer.c (nagp_iio_provider_delete_item):
	Also delete the schema names which may be embedded in GConfEntry.

	* src/api/na-gconf-utils.h:
	* src/core/na-gconf-utils.c (na_gconf_utils_dump_entries):
	New function.

	* src/io-gconf/nagp-reader.c (read_item):
	Dump content of readen entries.

	* src/io-gconf/nagp-gconf-provider.c (install_monitors):
	Also monitors schemas to be triggered when importing a schema.

	* Bump version number for release.

	* src/nact/nact-iaction-tab.c (on_icon_browse):
	Save current position and folder of icon chooser.

2009-04-08 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/core/na-object-profile.c (is_valid_path_parameters):
	Only check for non-empty path+parameters (fix #614596).

	* src/nact/nact-sort-buttons.c (on_sort_down_button_toggled,
	on_sort_manual_button_toggled, on_sort_up_button_toggled):
	Do not let the user click twice on a sort button.

	* src/nact/nact-main-window.c (setup_dialog_title):
	Review/normalize debug entry message.

	* src/nact/nact-ifolders-tab.c (on_add_folder_clicked):
	Folders list is definitively a list of paths (not URI).

	* src/api/na-core-utils.h:
	* src/core/na-core-utils.c (na_core_utils_str_collate): New function.

	* src/core/na-data-boxed.c (locale_are_equal):
	* src/core/na-object-action.c (deals_with_toolbar_label):
	* src/core/na-object-id.c (na_object_id_sort_alpha_asc):
	* src/io-desktop/nadp-utils.c (nadp_utils_gslist_remove_from):
	* src/nact/base-builder.c (already_loaded): Updated accordingly.

	* src/api/na-gconf-utils.h:
	* src/core/na-gconf-utils.c (na_gconf_utils_has_entry):
	Check for an entry in the previously loaded list.

	* src/io-gconf/nagp-reader.c
	(read_item): First check for Type default value.
	(read_item, read_done_item_is_writable,
	read_done_action_load_profile): Load entries.

	* src/nact/nact-iaction-tab.c (on_tab_updatable_selection_changed):
	* src/nact/nact-icommand-tab.c (on_tab_updatable_selection_changed):
	Protect gtk_ functions against null values.

	* src/plugin-menu/
	Rename plugin to libnautilus-actions-menu.

	* src/io-desktop/nadp-reader.c (item_from_desktop_path):
	First check Type for default value.

2009-04-07 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/nact/nact-gtk-utils.c:
	* src/nact/nact-gtk-utils.h
	(nact_gtk_utils_get_pixbuf): Render an icon for a given widget.
	(nact_utils_render): New function.

	* src/nact/nact-iaction-tab.c (on_icon_changed):
	* src/nact/nact-main-statusbar.c (nact_main_statusbar_set_locked):
	* src/nact/nact-tree-model.c (display_item): Updated accordingly.

2009-04-02 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/nact/nact-main-tab.c (nact_main_tab_is_page_enabled):
	GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE is deprecated starting from gtk 2.20.

	* src/core/na-core-utils.c (na_core_utils_file_exists):
	* src/io-xml/naxml-writer.c (output_xml_to_file):
	Takes an URI as the filename.

2009-04-01 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/api/na-object-api.h (na_object_prepare_for_paste):
	* src/core/na-object-id.c (na_object_id_prepare_for_paste):
	Parent is not always an action, may be a menu.

	* src/io-desktop/nadp-desktop-file.c
	Do not emit a warning if Type is not found in the .desktop file.

2009-03-28 Pierre Wieser 

	* src/api/na-data-boxed.h:
	* src/core/na-data-boxed.c (na_data_boxed_set_default): Removed function.

	* src/core/na-factory-object.c (set_defaults_iter):
	Only set a default value when the box has not been yet allocated.