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Nautilus-Actions 3.0 is out

Hi everybody,

We are pleased, happy and proud to announce the latest stable release of Nautilus-Actions!

What is it ?

Nautilus-Actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which allows to add arbitrary items to Nautilus context menus, menubar and toolbar.

What is new in this release ?

Nautilus-Actions 3.0 is the first stable release which (almost) fully implements the new DES-EMA specification:

  • Actions may be now stored as .desktop files, making them easy to share with other desktop environments (KDE, XFCE and so on). Of course, GConf storage is always enabled.
  • With this new specification, a lot of new conditions are introduced in Nautilus-Actions, letting you to have ever more dynamic context menus:
    • depending of the running environment: action may now be defined to only appear e.g. in KDE, or to not appear e.g. in XFCE, and so on
    • depending of the presence of the specified executable
    • depending of the result of an external command
    • depending of the presence of a registered service on DBus
    • depending of the presence of a currently running binary
    • depending of the exact count of the selection
    • depending of whether the selection is readable, or writable, or executable, and so on.
  • Existing conditions have been extended to accept negated predicates; you are now able to specify something like « all images, but .bmp ones »:
    • for mimetypes
    • for basenames
    • for schemes
    • for folders
  • Parameters have been reviewed and extended. You are now able to get all parts of the selection, as basenames, dirnames, full pathnames, extensions, either as a single data or as a space-separated list. Of course, ascending compatibility has been preserved, and conversion from v2.x to v3 parameters is automatic.
  • Nautilus-Actions is now able to automatically determine if your command must be run once for the entire selection, or once for each element of the selection.

Last but not least, and for the very first time in the world, Nautilus-Actions is released with a full user manual and online help for Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool.

Though this new version should be really great, it is important to keep in mind that, due to the renaming and the extension of some parameters, actions or menus created or updated with this version may not be fully compatible with Nautilus-Actions 2.30.x and earlier.

Nautilus-Actions 3.0 is available for download at:

    sha1sum: c5d6cac9d7c1c238cace71d6926fef6172e0fe80
     md5sum: 3edad4b42879abd1bc62db8cb1fe49ac

Home page is here:

Bug reports are always welcomed at

All discussions relative to Nautilus-Actions can be posted to one of its three dedicated mailing lists:

Have a lot of fun with it!