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Nautilus-Actions 3.0.5 NEWS

Version 3.0.5

	Release date 2011-01-01

	General modifications:

		- Nautilus-Actions is set as the "official" name of the application.

	Modifications in Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool:

		- Button arrows in I/O Providers Preferences tab are reset so that
		  the Up button has an upward arrow, and the Down button has a
		  downward arrow.
		- Browse buttons now use the 'gtk-find' stock icon instead of the
		  inappropriate 'gtk-find-and-replace'.
		- Update the NACT User's Manual to reflect last changes.

	Bug fixes:

		- Fix pathname breakdown for 'x-nautilus-desktop:///' URI.
		  Fix #638450 - Nautilus crashes when opening Trash or Network
		  reported by György Balló and Ionut Biru.
		- Fix #638461 - Stock icons are no more displayed in NACT.

Version 3.0.4

	Release date 2010-12-30


		Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool

		- Change window title as 'label - application'.
		- Review user interface tooltips.
		- Add --enable-as-needed configure option to be able to mimic Gentoo
		  configuration (cf. #637797).

	Bug fixes:

		- Improve writing of locale strings in .desktop files for languages
		  other than 'en'.
		- Fix reference doc generation for gtk-doc >= 1.15.
		- No more write the encoding part of the locale in the .desktop
		- Convert 'all/allfiles' mimetype to 'all/all' + 'file' scheme.
		- Allow duplication of items based on .desktop files.
		- Apply Mathias Clasen patch to EggSMClient to build against Gtk+
		- Fix #638278 - Properly quotes filenames
		  (reported by Johan Spee).
		- Fix #638272 - Keep the same order than Nautilus
		  (reported by Johan Spee).
		- Get ride of 'relocation R_X86_64_32 against .rodata.str1.8'
		  message (Fedora 14 - 64bits).
		- Fix #637797 - Build core and plugin libraries against their
		  (reported by and Ionut Biru).
		- Fix #634056 - Create 'hidden' actions
		  (reported by Andreas Heinlein).

	New and updated translations:

		- cs (Marek Černocký, Andre Klapper, Petr Kovar)
		- es (Jorge González)

Version 3.0.3

	Release date 2010-12-20


		- Add --enable-silent-rules option to configure;
		  this is disabled by default;
		  enabled when building the distributed tarball.
		- Add --with-gtk=[2|3|auto] option to configure.
		- NACT User's Manual: review 'Note' vs. 'Tip' usage.
		- Generate the API Reference Manual.

	Bug fixes:

		- Improve save process when an error is detected on a deleted

	New and updated translations:

		- de (Mario Blättermann)
		- es (Jorge González)
		- sl (Matej Urbančič, Andrej Žnidaršič)

Version 3.0.2

	Release date 2010-12-03


		- Add %o/%O no-op parameters in order to be able to force the
		  multiple execution (cf. DES-EMA specification v 0.15).
		- Running with NAUTILUS_ACTIONS_DEBUG environment variable set
		  display debug messages.
		- The default I/O provider may be chosen at configure time,
		  and defaults to 'na-desktop'.
		- Display a summary of configuration options at configure time.
		- Add a preview when selecting an icon.

	Bug fixes:

		- Fix #616532 - Can't select directory in the Nautilus-Actions export
		  assistant while browsing it with a GtkFileChooserWidget
		  (reported by Sense Hofstede).
		- Fix #632992 - Add comment about default value translation
		  (reported by claude Paroz).
		- Fix #633439 - Make menu items, ttoltips etc. translatable
		  (reported by Andreas Heinlein).
		- Fix #634056 - Create 'hidden' actions
		  (reported by Andreas Heinlein).
		- Fix #635521 - Translatable sentences of the *.ui files don't appear
		  in .po file (reported by
		- Include non translated figures in translated HTML and PDF manuals
		  (no not distribute them).
		- Include and distribute admon-* icons in HTML manuals.
		- Fix the display of icons in Nautilus toolbar when the same action
		  is also displayed in location or selection context menu.
		- Do not allow actions list to be fully shrinked.

	New and updated translations:

		- ca (Carles Ferrando, Gil Forcada)
		- es (Jorge González)
		- eu (dooteo, Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)
		- he (Yaron Shahrabani)
		- pt_BR (Djavan Fagundes)
		- sl (Matej Urbančič, Andrej Žnidaršič)