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Nautilus-Actions 3.1.3 NEWS

    Release date 2011-05-20

    Bug fixes:

        - Fix #649726 reported by Kyle Amadio
          Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool - cannot edit items
        - Fix #649796 reported by Stefano Cerutti
          Migration tool doesn't automatically run
        - Fix #650523 reported by Stefano Cerutti
          Remote filenames are no more reachables 

    Other modifications:

        - Do not build test programs in release mode
        - Depends on /bin/ksh to run the migration tool

    New and updated translations:

        - de (Christian Kirbach)
        - es (Jesse Avilés, Javier Mazorra, Daniel Mustieles)
        - fr (Bruno Brouard)
        - it (Claudio Arseni, Luca Ferretti)